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Kurrajong Route Data



The Kurrajong Line, NSW, Australia, circa 1952

Route by Paul Woozley, Australia (Copyright on all original work).

Most of the objects, artwork, and sound are my own work.

I hope you enjoy this route.

You may use, modify or distribute my objects, artwork and sound.

I only ask that you do not claim the credit for my work.

Some textures were obtained from the internet and are believed to be public domain. Some objects were modified or based on the work of others. I give credit especially to Mr Gaku, as several objects were based on his ideas.

Credits: Mr Mackoy, Mr Gaku, and my Wife for her endless patience. Thanks also to Vern & Barney for their good work. Also John Oakes Book.

Route Notes:

You may need a fairly fast computer to get a decent frame rate.

This route works best with my 30 Class steam loco. Others may not handle the steep grades :-)

The branch Richmond to Kurrajong route is a closed line that served the Blue Mountains foothills region of Sydney Australia in the 1900's. The grades and curves were steep and very tight in places (5 chains).

The train stopped only at North Richmond and the terminals on a schedule. The other stops were on the demand of passengers. This route simulation stops at most stations. The schedule is based on the real one.


Richmond - back platform of the main line to Sydney
Nepean Sand and Gravel Siding - served a sand and gravel mining company
Phillip - Short wooden platform at the Nepean river bridge
North Richmond - Platform and goods loading siding
Red Cutting - A name board only
Redbank culvert - Crosses Redbank Creek
Kemsleys - Short wooden platform located in the farm of N. Kemsley
Thompson's Ridge - Wooden platform named after local resident in timbered foothills
Nurri - a simple sign located on a land grant
Duffys - Halt named after local settler
Kurrajong - Station serving a mainly citrus and fruit growing area


Richmond is 60.3 km North West of Sydney, elev 29 ft

Kurrajong is 11.5 km from Richmond (along the line), elev 509 ft

Steepest Grade 1-in-30

Sharpest Curve 8 chains (1 chain = 66ft radius)

Highest Point 509 ft approx

Opened November 1926

Closed 1952 (abandoned following landslides and unprofitablity)